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Passing through unconscious states

a moviescript ending

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First week
The first couple of days of college definitely had ups and downs. And for those same it seemed like a summer camp, with very few activities.. Now its more real, and I'm more adjusted. The first week of classes are over and that is an accomplishment. One thing I've learned already, reading assignments are longer. In high school, more so with Aurora a reading assignment generally was something short. Thats not true at all for any of my classes.

I'm really excited about my classes too. My psychology professor is freaking amazing and the same with my Criminal justice professor. My Criminology professor knows his stuff but hes a little drab. Theatre seems like it will be very interesting, and English 103 is my only small class and the professor seems cool.

Right now I'm in the study lounge on my floor because I couldn't sleep and I decided to go read some stuff for tomorrows classes. Which leads to me posting on LJ... yeah.

Yeah I don't really have much to say..