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Passing through unconscious states

a moviescript ending

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The last time I got up this early? I don't even remember... ugh. But I guess I could of slept in? lol oh well. It took me forever to fall asleep because I usually go to sleep really late so at around 4 am I ventured out of my room and went to the vending machine for a super late/early snack. Pretty much I didn't eat anything yesterday besides that snack and a chicken wrap. I think breakfast is over in 8 minutes but I don't feel like walking out of my room.

What is the deal with all the trains in Muncie. geeez.

There isn't much planned today till late. The rest of the freshmen move in today, including my roomie. I have to swing by the health center to drop off the paper from my physical.. and then I'm going to go to the finical aid place to sign a check.. or something.. lol Ugh.


Oh wellz.